Project Transform X - Exercise App Website

"Working with Fletcher was seamless and efficient..."

-Adriano Fiore (Designer, Fiore Media)

Project Transform X is a full-service exercise app run by personal trainer and exercise guru, Zac Klassen out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

I was approached by owner-operator Adriano Fiore from Fiore Media, with the request of writing some compelling copy for his client, which would turn browsers into buyers.

People want to feel like they can trust you. They want to feel like they are having a chat with a close friend. And this... is where many businesses make some pretty critical errors. 

It's easy to navel-gaze for days when it comes to selling a product or service. After all, you're proud of what you have to offer.

The trouble is, the features of your product aren't really what customers are after. They're interested in the benefits you're offering. They're interested in how YOU can solve their problems. 

When it came to Project Transform X, the challenge was finding a way to make Zac's training service stand out. The fitness industry is about as saturated as it gets, so the goal was to make sure his brand voice was honest and approachable. 

After carefully researching the approach of the client's competitors, his target audience, and his preferred brand voice,  a game plan was built and put to work.

The client(s) were stoked with the finished product as it met the goal of being on-brand, interesting and unique, and delivered on time.  

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